Год производства 2017
Страна Австрия, Израиль
Жанр драма
Режиссер Амичаи Гринберг
Сценарий Амичаи Гринберг
Продюсер Йоав Роэх, Aurit Zamir, Матан Гайда, ...
Оператор Moshe Mishali
Композитор Уолтер В. Сикан, Марникс Веененбос
Художник Тамар Гадиш, Сарит Шарара
Монтаж Gilad Inbar
Премьера в мире 6 сентября 2017, ...
Время 88 мин. / 01:28


In the History of the Second World War the term Arctic Convoy conjures up an image of endurance against great odds, of battles fought in the Arctic night in which ice, snow and high winds added to the horrors of war. It was indeed conditions in the Arctic which set the convoys to Northern Russia apart from other theatres of war. In winter seamen fought a continual battle against gales and ice in almost perpetual darkness; in summer the sun rarely set and there was no respite from the threat or reality of attack. In fact the Arctic convoys were amazingly successful. Of a total of forty outward convoys comprising of 811 ships only 68 were sunk. Those that got through delivered great quantities of tanks, aircraft, ammunition, and other essential war materials which made a significant contribution to Russia's role in the war.

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